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Focus On What You Do Best; Growing Your Business
& Let Us Support Your Salesforce 

Cloudz Stars Managed Services 

We understand the importance of your investment in Salesforce and that you expect to improve your efficiency and productivity by using it.  But maintaining and supporting Salesforce can be an overwhelming responsibility and a considerable addition to your staff and hence cost. 

Cloudz Stars Salesforce Managed Services is a flexible, scalable, and economic solution to maintain and realize your investment — without the need to hire additional full-time, dedicated employees.

Why Choose Our Managed Services?

24/7 Salesforce CRM Support:
We provide your company with  24/7 salesforce CRM support and maintenance services to keep your salesforce solution's operations up and running. Our experts are always here to help you no matter how complex the issues are or which location the enquiry appears.

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Salesforce Maintenance:

salesforce updates requirements or bug fixes, we will handle all these issues with our comprehensive range of salesforce maintenance services. User management, security management, reporting, and routine checkups to ensure a smooth and functional operation.

Database Maintenance:

Our experts are here to handle and administer your salesforce system's data functionalities; from uploads and cleansing to validation, administration, and setups, ensuring data integrity and security in your Salesforce system. 

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Admin Support:

configure Salesforce; set up workflows, configure custom reports, install apps, create/modify/delete users to ensure the continuity of Salesforce-supported business operations.

We offer a comprehensive range of Salesforce Cloud Managed Services to support your Salesforce support needs. Our range of support packages offer the flexibility and convenience your business needs to ensure your system's optimal performance and your staff peak productivity.

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