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Cloudz Stars Development Service

Creating applications that are simple to maintain, affordable, versatile, and quick to launch. 

Development Service

If you our finding that out-of-the-box mass market software solutions aren’t enough to suit your company’s specific business needs, Cloudz Stars provides Salesforce cloud based custom application development.

Whether you require custom web application development, custom mobile apps or apps that are designed to improve your internal process, Cloudz Stars offers custom development services specifically tailored for your business needs. 

Our custom applications allows you to extend the core platform to get more out of your salesforce with applications specifically for your business benefits.

Close integration, faster implementation, performance, security and data integrity are some of the benefits you get when you choose our development service. Our certified developers use APEX, Visualforce, Lightning, Lightning Web Components,, Heroku, and JavaScript stack to develop your custom application.


Benefits of Cloudz Stars Custom Apps using Salesforce

Seamless Integration

Built with low code using Salesforce developers tools and on the Salesforce Cloud.

Lower Cost

Our Certified developers using Salesforce developers tools ensure lower cost of development.  Developing the application on the Salesforce Cloud means lower maintenance and support cost.


Design and build your application adhering to Salesforce strict guidelines to ensure productivity and performance.

Data Integrity

Developing your application on the Salesforce Cloud ensures that the data is always up to date in your applications and with Salesforce CRM.

Faster Deployment

Building your application using Salesforce low code developers tools and on the Salesforce cloud means faster deployment. 

Improved Security

Building your app on Salesforce Cloud ensures you benefit from the enhanced security provided by Salesforce.

Get the benefits of salesforce custom apps that are developed just for your company, which are highly adaptable, and cost-effective.


Whatever the complexity of your company’s business processes or the specific needs in your industry you can rely on Cloudz Stars to provide you with the optimal solution.

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