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Integration is the #1
Reason Digital Initiatives Fail 

Salesforce Integration Services

Data integration is an essential part of your digital-transformation journey. Integration is the tool to help you eliminate the silos and re-factor user interfaces. Salesforce Integration is essential for organizations as it allows you to access the business-critical data available on different platforms. Your employees get one unified view of their data to make data-based decisions and serve customers in a personalized, efficient manner.

Cloudz Stars provides Data integration services with your Salesforce CRM that helps you achieve agility by decoupling your processes from individual IT systems, applications or components. New systems can be added to your environment and old ones can be removed freely, but your enterprise data can remain stable and secure.

Types of Integrations

Salesforce integration is possible almost with any marketing, accounting, and planning tools you use to automate your business workflow. Integration with multiple CRMs and ERPs is possible via AppExchange applications, as well as many other systems and tools may be connected via customized third-party integration with Salesforce.

Our Salesforce consultants provide the best, most reliable, and most secure Salesforce Integration solutions. Our dedicated team of Salesforce professionals discovers and provides the finest possible solutions suiting your business requirements.

  • Data integration;

  • User interface integration;

  • Business logic integration.


Systems We Integrate Your Salesforce To


Integrating your ERP system to Salesforce will brings tremendous benefits to your business. From end-to-end visibility of data to forecasting and revenue pull through, you will receive up-to-date sales information in the ERP. 

Marketing Automation

Customer information synchronization must be seamless between the sales and marketing departments. We integrate Marketing automation systems that enable organizations to get a 360 view on their customer interactions and experience from sales & marketing initiatives. 

Accounting Systems

Organizations share financial information more securely with the sales department. It helps in making customers' profiles more enhanced. The accounting integration system makes the financial activities smooth from generating accurate forecasts to managing invoices


Providing a connected customer experience both online and offline, improve the quality of your customer services and boost business sales, integrate the Salesforce CRM system with your e-commerce systems


Integrate email systems to your Salesforce CRM to synchronize tasks, and appointment activities with Salesforce to enable smooth and transparent communication between staff and customers and enhance their productivity. 

Collaboration System 

Avoid document duplications and downtime and provide your employees more flexibility for project collaboration when integrating Salesforce with your collaboration system like SharePoint or Office 360

Social Media

Outreach and keep updated with your customer's post, views on Social Media and use information to track conversions and sales.Track potential social activities and deliver a connected experience to your customers 


Utilize your data more efficiently and gain actionable insights by integrating Salesforce with your existing database system. 

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