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Beyond Just the Technology

Cloudz Stars analyzes your business & processes to offer a rollout strategy and a plan that goes beyond the technology.

Consulting Partner Selection Is Key to Your CRM Project Success

Implementing and Managing a top-notch CRM Solution like Salesforce can prove highly beneficial to your business and directly reflects on your company's ROI. However, research has shown that 50-70% of CRM projects fail to achieve their expected improvements and ROI.  Choosing the right Salesforce consulting partner that can provide strategic guidance and support for your journey can prove beneficial and rewarding towards the success of Salesforce inside your organization.

Our Approach Towards An Entrenched Salesforce Strategy

We at Cloudz Stars are a group of dedicated and passionate Salesforce consultants who have a collective experience of +50 years working on the client side in several B2B and B2C companies. We understand that every company is unique in its process, people, and IT systems, and we take the time to understand and analyze all aspects that can directly affect your CRM project's success.

Through a structured process that involves workshops, discovery sessions and iterative design, Cloudz Stars certified salesforce consultants and system architectures work with your teams to develop a comprehensive CRM strategy and plan.


Salesforce Steering Committee & Project Teams Formation

Go Team

A vital step for the future success of the CRM project inside your organization, We work with you to formulate two Strong teams: 


Steering committee: includes top executives and other stakeholders capable of formulating the strategic direction for the project and able to provide support and guidance throughout the planning and implementation of phases of Salesforce. 
Project team: includes Key business stakeholders and IT personal to provide their business and technical expertise working with our salesforce consultants and architectures. This team will drive the salesforce project throughout the planning and implementation phases until handing it over to operations.


Develop a Pertinent CRM Vision

Why is the organization implementing a CRM?

Through a serious of workshops with the steering committee, project team and other stakeholders, we work with your company to develop the CRM vision that is closely aligned to your company’s overall vision and business objectives. 

Starting with this basic question and linking it to your customers persona and needs, we can delve deep into the answers, and build a CRM vision that establishes a clearly defined set of guideposts for moving forward. These guideposts will help define the more specific CRM roadmap to follow.

Business Presentation


Business Process Mapping: Aligning Business with IT


Through workshops and one-to–one meetings with key stakeholders we start to map your customer journey and its current business processes, data flow and IT systems used inside your organization. 

The end outcome for this stage is a documented as is process  of how customers interact and do business with you and its current state IT systems architecture. It helps identify how every step connects to the others throughout the customer journey, but most importantly identifies areas of improvements in the process that has repetitive work, poor data governance and other redundant areas that can be improved using Salesforce. 


Develop Future State

Guided by the CRM vision created, business goals and customer journeys, we conduct a capability mapping process, prioritize these capabilities based on its business impact, and identify capability gabs in the people, process and technology based on the as-is state in the earlier stage.


The outcome of this phase is to develop the future state logical and conceptual (long term) Architectures of desired business process and the supporting IT systems. This stage outcome also provides a strategic prospective to key decision makers in business and IT, on the future architectural strategy that is focused on enabling your business objectives and achieving your goals.

Looking Out of a Skyscaper

Develop Project Road Map


Establish-a Project-timeline.jpg

Throughout this phase we translate the desired capabilities and its accompanying Salesforce functionalities and features to a comprehensive roadmap with a set of initiatives, goals, resources requirements and key milestones against a set timeline and budget we will follow.

The outcome of this phase is a comprehensive roadmap accompanied with change management and training requirements, data governance and operating model.


Develop Measurable KPIs

To ensure Salesforce CRM effectiveness in achieving your business goals and your organization is getting the return from its Salesforce investment, we work with you to develop measurable Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). These KPIs are used to monitor, analyze, and optimize performance with the new Salesforce CRM deployment inside your organization.

KPIs must be quantifiable, measurable, realistic and tracked within the Salesforce system. It should also be clearly communicated and visible to all your stakeholders. KPIs are directly linked to your vision and business goals and can include KPIs like: New Leads generated, Increase in Revenue, Cross Selling, Deal Closure Rate, Deal Participation Rate, etc.


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