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We Invest Time to Understand

Cloudz Stars knows that your business is unique in its nature, process and people. 

Salesforce Implementation
Every Business is not the Same!

Many businesses make the mistake of accelerating through a Salesforce implementation too fast with consultants who take a “one size fits all” approach only to hit bumps in the road.  This  can alter the scope of the project, increase costs or worse, stall the project entirely costing you time, money and morale. 


A consultant partner who understands that every business has its unique nature and business requirements and has both the business and technical capabilities, but more importantly is able to put the time and effort to capture your requirements is your perfect fit. 


We have established Cloudz Stars to cater for these unique needs. Through a tried and tested implementation process we deliver a solution that is ready, scalable and optimized for your business requirements.

Salesforce Implementation Phases



Launch phase objectives: 

- Define of project goals and objectives with the project’s executive sponsor.

- Define & agree on Cloudz Stars and client team members and roles.

- Review project implementation plan and methodology to ensure Cloudz Stars and client team members have a        solid foundation to begin the project.

- Schedule dates for the business process review (BPR) sessions.


Phase Outcome:  a comprehensive Salesforce functional implementation plan that is agreed on by both parties.




Discovery Phase Objectives:

- Review  business processes and define business requirements.

- Develop with stakeholders the functional and technical requirements.

- Analyze and prioritize requirements against overall objectives and goals.

Phase Outcome: Comprehensive requirements and specification document.



Design Phase Objectives:

- Develop solution architecture that includes all functional and technical design process and automation.

- To take current processes and/or lack of thereof and create a conceptual outline of the solution which includes all              aspects of the technology being delivered

- To schedule build phase tasks and transition development accordingly

Phase Outcome: a complete design document.



Build Phase objectives:

- Translate design specifications into a configured and customized Salesforce solutions.

- Updating configurable data model, building custom fields/forms as needed, and modifying the application as identified      during the Discover phase.

- Integration with existing systems development as identified in the design phase.

- Data quality analysis to identify inconsistency, duplications in company data to be migrated to Salesforce.

Phase Outcome: a complete build and configured Salesforce system and a data quality action plan.



Validate Phase Objectives:

- System and user testing: screens of the application to ensure the proper set-up, validate drop-down values, and      to agree on field placement.

- Walk through a series of Day-in-the-Life scenarios and conduct configuration workshops.

- Secure agreement of the application function from all stakeholders.

Phase Outcome: Stakeholders acceptance of the system functionalities, process and layout of the new system.



Deploy Phase Objectives:

- Deploy the Salesforce application on the live cloud environment .

- Conduct QA testing.

- Conduct system, admin and =users training sessions .

Phase Outcome: Live, fully operating Salesforce system, training and system documentation.

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