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Customization Service

Salesforce is a widely adopted CRM system because it is highly configurable. Salesforce configuration method is quick, fast, and accessible as it works within the system itself with no-code interface and simple steps for deployment at minimal cost.


However, Salesforce customization need arises to align with the exact needs of the organization business requirements and process. This process is one step ahead of the configuration, which allows you to bring in features and functionalities that are not part of the application.

When does your Organization Need to Customize Salesforce?

Changing the original Salesforce UI:

Your organization may want their employees UX to be aligned with their corporate identity while working in Salesforce


Customizing Salesforce Functionality:

The need for customization in functionality to build massive multistep custom processes into Salesforce to align with the business process of your company

Insufficient Reporting from Inside Salesforce:

Necessary reports and dashboards your organization needs but can’t always be built using the standard Report Builder functionality in Salesforce

Complex Third party integrations:
Your organization needs to connect with several third party sources to direct all data flows in one place and achieve a perfect alignment between Salesforce and other systems.



Third Party Integration

Customization Services that Fits in the Bigger Picture of Your Salesforce.

Whether you are just implementing Salesforce or already have been running it inside your organization, Cloudz Stars customization process makes sure that we do not impact the Salesforce environment in any negative way effecting its functionality, security or data integrity.

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First step is to discover the business need through a thorough analysis of the process through workshops with business owners.

We then define the exact business need and seek to find a solution through configuration of the Salesforce itself to save our clients the effort, time and money.

In case there is no possible option to cater for the business need except development we move to our next phase in the process.

In this phase we design a Salesforce customization plan that would include prioritization of customization needs according to business needs, priorities and user adaption.

In customizing your solution we follow a rigid approach using Salesforce recommended tools and best practices to ensure the overall system integrity, security and functionality.

After we implemented all required customization and testing on the sandbox environment, we initiate User Acceptance Testing on our side and fix bugs.

After we have made sure that all functionalities, security and system integrity is tested with the new customization features, we deploy to the live environment and conduct user and admin training.

Test & Deploy


Planning & Customization

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