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API Integration Solution Jitterbit

Harmony Low-Code Integration Platform

Connect systems, automate workflows and create new applications to streamline business processes across the enterprise—all in a single low-code integration platform.

Hundreds of pre-built integrations that automate common business workflows, an easy-to-use interface that lets you quickly create integrations, and management tools that let you see everything in one place.

Why Choose Harmony from Jitterbit?

Cloud Studio:

Create automated workflows with a low-code, intuitive graphical interface optimized for ease of use and ease of access.

  • Design any integration rapidly with a modern graphical interface.

  • Connect rapidly with Connector Builder.

  • Create deep code-based connectivity with Connector SDK.

  • Work together on projects in real-time.



Automate Business ProcessesReduce Dependency on ITEnhance User Productivity, Improve Collaboration


API Manager:

Create and publish developer-friendly APIs and perform full API lifecycle management tasks.

  • Create APIs rapidly through our intuitive graphical interface.

  • Expose your APIs via enterprise-scale API Gateways.

  • Complete API Lifecycle Management from any device with security control and rich user authentication.

  • Maintain clear visibility and identify opportunities through targeted API monitoring tools.


Enable Rapid Innovation, Create New Digital Processes Faster, Increase Productivity, Improve Collaboration

App Builder:

Rapidly build, deploy and maintain web and mobile-based apps without professional coding experience.

  • Build with an easy-to-use visual application builder with

  • no-code drag-and-drop functionality

  • Tailor your app to your brand with an intuitive visual toolkit

  • Accelerate app development by 10x

ERP Integration-API


Workflow Hyperautomation, Improved Productivity, Mitigate Risk, Accelerated Development,  Simplified IT Management


Management Console:

Control and monitor your workflow integrations and processes anywhere, anytime through a centralized view across the enterprise.

  • Control access for all your integration projects from one place.

  • Everything you need to monitor your integration projects from anywhere on any device.

  • Manage the integration projects for the entire organization online from a single console.


Reduce Cost of Management, Faster Issue Resolution, Robust Security and Access Control, Better Cross-Team Collaboration

Jitterbit Marketplace:

Supports your need to accelerate the automation of common business processes with hundreds of pre-built integrations that are reusable, customizable, and quick to implement. Marketplace also provides process templates, and connectors to create and automate new workflows quickly and easily.

Workflow automation platform
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